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The Wake-Up Call Show: 1000 Watt Bulb in a 100 Watt World, Dear One!

Dear One,

It’s Amy here feeling…well…RIPE!
I’m over 8 months pregnant now and am even starting to waddle. LOL. Doing my best to enjoy this last phase of pregnancy and filled with eager anticipation to meet this dancing fairy of a daughter of mine in March. YUM!!

For today, I wanted to send a message to my fellow high intensity women out there to remind you to harness your power and own your intensity in 2014.

You see my dear friend, Samantha Bennett is a master essence writer. She once gave me a gift by telling me that one of my essences is “1000 watt bulb in a 100 watt world.” Uh, yeah! I felt so SEEN and UNDERSTOOD at my core. It gave me PERMISSION to be me!

I’m curious if you are a fellow 1000 watt bulb?

  • Do people describe you as intense?
  • Do people regularly tell you your enthusiasm is contagious?
  • Do you regularly hide or dim your light to make others more comfortable?
  • Do you feel “too much” all the time? Too sensitive, too excited, too bright?
  • What would 2014 be like if you instead harnessed your power and shined?

Uh huh. I so get it, darling!I was really tired of dimming my light and feeling “too much”. So I decided to actually create a world where my brightness was honored and to learn how to work with my intensity.

It takes commitment to be true to yourself and to love who you are.

Which is one of the reasons I love what my dear friend and Brilliant Visionary client, Katherine Torrini, and her partner Zoe Wild are up to.

They call women like us “High Voltage Women” and they’re doing some kick bootie stuff just for us so we can fall in love with our innate intensity and channel it into igniting and manifesting our purpose in the world.  They recently did a tele-gathering all about this topic. Go here to get a free download of the juicy and revelatory tele-gathering: The Art of Being High Voltage in a Low-Voltage World

They even have a High Voltage woman quiz you can take!

GO HERE to access the quiz and the tele-gathering.

No matter how bright of a bulb you are, I’m sending you LOVE for 2014 to be a bright and shiny year.

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. I’d love to know how you relate this message. Let me know on my blog if you’re a high voltage, 1000 watt bulb of a woman, and how that’s impacted your life. Please leave me a comment below.

P.P.S. Samantha Bennett, master essence writer, branding and marketing expert, can help YOU uncover and own your essences. She even has an upcoming Marketing Mastermind Program that is going to rock the house. Curious? GO HERE and book a free 15 minute one on one call with Sam and see if she is the right essence, branding and marketing coach for fabulous you!



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