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The Wake-Up Call Show: 2013 Wins & Losses…The Year End Inventory

Here we are…winding down 2013, with a bright and shiny new year emerging. Can you believe it?! It can feel so juicy to enter into a new year with hopes, dreams, and desires unfolding. But it can be all too easy to forget to notice who you’ve become and what you’ve created in the year you’re leaving behind.
Now is the time of year that I take myself through a year end reflection ritual to lock in all the goodness from the year…and to officially release all the failures, losses and disappointments from the past year.

It is SO important to both CELEBRATE and RELEASE your year. So that you can create a fresh start in 2014, bringing only with you the lessons and wisdom that you consciously choose.

That’s why my year end reflection ritual includes looking at and processing the failures and losses, celebrating the wins & successes, and acknowledging the surprises and the lessons. Here’s a sampling from my own ritual:

My 2013 failures, disappointments and losses include losing my beloved dog, Dozer, all of those months of trying to get pregnant and coming up negative, and so many different times of stress and tension…the moments when I worked WAY too much! 

My 2013 wins and successes include getting pregnant (miracle of miracles!), creating more space in my daily life for joy and sacred stillness, and incredible business growth & wins (like getting to lead the Magical Manifestation Retreat with SARK & John next month!).
And so much more!!

Want to do your own 2013 reflection ritual AND do a powerful process to release your failures and disappointments?
I hope you saw my email the other day inviting you to join my soul sisters, Christine Arylo & Shiloh Sophia, and me for our very special FREE LIVE Winter Solstice ritual. We will take you through our year end winter solstice ritual. It is our gift to you!

GO HERE NOW to RSVP for our FREE special year end winter solstice celebration Friday, Dec. 20th. You can join us live from anywhere in the world via live-stream OR RSVP to receive the recording.

Darling, I’m sending you so much love and light as 2013 comes to a close. Take brilliant care of yourself so you can BE a source of joy in the world. The world needs you and your light shining bright.

With unstoppable enthusiasm & great love,


Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach
Bestselling Author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves
CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching
Co-Creator of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Inner Wisdom Golden Circle,
Find Your Calling and Visionary Ignition Switch

P.S. I wanted to make sure you also saw that we only have a few magical spots left for January’s Magical Manifestation Retreat I’m co-leading with SARK & Dr. John Waddell. We’re going to have such a BLAST creating, manifesting and calling in 2014 in a huge way. We’re going to spend days DREAMING and DESIRING. Then we’re going to help you create an inspired action plan so you can attract it all in. PLUS we’ll have a pajama party and campfire and create a Magical Manifestation treasure chest. Oh la la!!

Applications are closing tomorrow ,12/19, so make sure to apply today if you’re feeling called to join us and we’ll hook you up with a one on one conversation to see if it is truly the right fit for YOU!

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No mater what, I truly hope you are taking some time out for yourself to rejuvenate and plug in this time of year, sweet one. You deserve it.




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