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The Wake-Up Call Show: Halloween Picture Insanity

Dear One,

It’s Halloween time, which means that like it or not your feed on Facebook, Pintrest, and Twitter are going to be filled with kids in their costumes, babies in their costumes, teenagers in their costumers, and yes probably even some moms and dads and their costumes.Evie Ladybug

Why? Why oh why do all of us parents endlessly post pictures of our children doing anything we deem adorable? The answer is simple really. It’s about survival. You see parenting is frickin hard work. It is the toughest, craziest, most challenging job you can ever imagine. And, hope this goes without saying, the absolute hands-down BEST part of my life.

Visit any family’s home at 7:30am on a weekday and you’ll likely see pure chaos. Lunch being negotiated, breakfast being made, permission slips being signed (last minute of course), homework frantically getting finished, diapers being changed, babies getting nursed, parents desperately trying to get out the door to deliver their kids to school, deliver themselves to work, get their babies to daycare or put their little ones down for a nap.

So please forgive us for posting all of these pictures of our babies and Bella Zombiekids doing anything “cute”. We need to celebrate, share and be witnessed in the magnificence of our children. Because if we didn’t it would be so hard to face bedtime that night. (And don’t even get me started around bathtime.) These pictures of our little ones in all their glory imprint the goodness of parenting in our brains. It allows our hearts to glow with joy and pride to get us through the next melt down, poop explosion, homework negotiation, teenaged eye roll or 3am nursing.

So celebrate my little ladybug and zoobie with me. Allow me to relish in their beauty for this moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for celebrating the children with us. It gives us the strength to be the kind of mom and dad we aspire to be.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I’ve been feeling a calling in my heart and soul to to tell the TRUTH about motherhood. To celebrate both the messiness AND the magic. I’m starting a new (closed) Facebook group called Mama Truth Circle for mamas who want to join me in sharing the full spectrum of motherhood.

GO HERE to join us for free!

Simply click the “join group” button to request membership and my team will approve you after we confirm you’re a mama. (No lookie-loos allowed!)

I can’t wait to share more with you about Mama Truth Circle and hear your stories and create a community of like-minded Mamas. Please feel free to invite moms you love to join us!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you are CELEBRATING right now!



  1. Jill Keuth says:

    YES!!! Amy, I love this!!! I also think our kids feel pulled through the ringer with the craziness of school and homework and activities and negotiations too! Days like Halloween bring them so much JOY!! A word and feeling that far too many of us grown-ups have forgotten. To post a picture feels like sharing their big JOY!! Happy Halloween Mama!!!

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