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The Wake-Up Call Show: The Tooth Fairy & Deception

Dearest One,

It finally happened. My oldest, Annabella, a 7 year old 2nd grader, lost a tooth the other night. She had been telling us over the last few weeks that some of her friends at school don’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny etc. I kept asking her what she believed. She kept saying she still believed and that she felt sad for the kids that didn’t. She was suspending her disbelief… toothless

Until the other morning. She looked me in the eye and asked, “Did you put the money under my pillow?”


Again, I asked her what she believed. Looking for any clues. What this the moment of truth? And that’s when I saw it. Something had shifted. It wasn’t about magic or believing, it was about really needing to know the TRUTH.

So after Rob and I hemmed and hawed for about 5 minutes, I finally said, “Yes we put the money under your pillow. The fairies inspired us to help with the magic.”

Double gulp.

I asked her how she felt. She replied, “Relieved.” She didn’t cry, but she shook with emotion.
I felt like I could see a layer of innocence peeling off her like one of her Tinkerbell stickers on a binder.

I feel like she’s relieved to not be in the in between place anymore, relieved to know the truth, relieved to be “caught up” with a few of her close friends.


I told her that maybe she could help the fairies when her little sister starts loosing her teeth. That felt magical to her.

What’s the difference between believing in Magic and Lying? 

It has me wondering when we cross the line from magical thinking to self-deception, denial and straight up lying to ourselves.

When does that magical plan for the business going big, while you run up credit card debt, become denial of the truth and sabotage?

Or the magical thinking that you can simply sit and meditate all day and attract in your soul mate become an excuse for hiding in your house all day?

It can be a trick our Inner Mean Girls and Inner Critics use to sabotage us, keeping us stuck, under the guise of magic and believing.

Here’s what I know to be true; Magic feels GOOD. Believing in miracles feels DELICIOUS. Lying to ourselves (or anyone for that matter) feels TERRIBLE.

If, in that moment when Annabella flat out asked me about the tooth fairy I lied to her, when I could feel it was a call for truth, that would have felt really bad in my body. Telling her the truth, although stressful and saddening, felt RIGHT and IMPORTANT.

I’m  a STAND for both magic AND truth. For believing, miracles AND taking inspired actions to manifest our dreams. How about you?  Let me know below.

With a sprinkle of pixie dust & a dash of truth-telling,


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Are you feeling called to go deeper in 2015?

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To conjure up magic, truth, desire and dreams?

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Sending you a vision of sitting in circle together in Hawaii!


Make sure to leave a comment below about the dance between magic & truth telling.

And I’m always honored when you share with your community!



  1. Kelly says:

    It’s so hard to decide when to “tell.” My oldest was in 6th grade before he finally succumbed to the truth about Santa. I think he may have suspected earlier, but wanted so hard to believe. We told him it was important that he keep the secret for his sister who is 4 1/2 years younger. She stopped believing around 5th grade and again has to keep it a secret for her sister who is five years younger. The youngest is in third grade and it would be so easy to tell her and make things easier around Christmas time. The “how do you know Santa can’t bring me the $300 American Girl item that I really, really want. Santa can bring anything,” is getting harder to deal with. Her older siblings are great helping out–but they also have to be careful because we tend to combine Santa & mom & dad gifts for them because they want something bigger. We can’t do that with the little one.

    The funny thing is that she knows about the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny, but like her older brother and sister, just does not want to know or believe that Santa isn’t real. 🙂

  2. Diane says:

    my girls were afraid if they didn’t believe in Santa the Tooth Fairy the Easter Bunny they wouldn’t come anymore. I told them it was ok to still believe in the magic even though they knew who was Santa the Easter Bunny the Tooth Fairy really were that it’s what you believe about it that’s magical

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